Kingsley Falconry is an approved LANTRA Assessment Centre for the Beginning Falconry Award.

The proprietor, Gareth Lord, is an Approved Assessor, and many of it’s staff are Lantra Award holders; testament to their skills in this area.

Assessment can take place by prior arrangement; interested parties should contact the Centre directly.

The award is, however, inegrated into our in- depth five day falconry course, which aims to cover all aspects of falconry for beginners – in much more depth than is required for the Lantra Award.

At first, the unique terminology, equipment and training used in the management of birds of prey might feel a little overwhelming. Our expert staff will guide participants through the various aspects of this pastime; with particular attention being given to the welfare of captive birds of prey.

Falconry is a constant learning process; this course will give participants excellent basic knowledge from which they can safely progress further.

Outline Programme (theory & practical)

Each day 9:30 – 15:00

Day 1

  • Falconer’s knot i.e. securing birds correctly and safely.
  • Picking up: approaching the bird and securing it in the hand.
  • Weighing: concept of weight management, introduction of bird to scales etc. Diet: chicks, rats, quail, mice, rabbits supplements, food preparation, hygiene. Terminology: jargon busting!

Day 2

  • Equipment: introduction to various items plus methods of manufacture. Gloves, bags, baths, perches, swivels, leashes, jessies, anklets, bells. Equipment fitting – tools needed & practical fitting experience.
  • Hawking: practical preparation for a hunting bird of prey.

Day 3

  • Housing: weathering, shed, mews, aviary. Design, materials, construction.
  • Imping: feather structure, number & type, repairing, straightening,hard-penned.
  • Moulting: theory, timing and important considerations during moulting period.

Day 4

  • Training programme: design and implementation. Manning, weight management, tiring, jumping, creance training, flying free.
  • Hunting: game licence, game seasons, permissions.
  • Lost birds: loss avoidance, people to contact, telemetry, ID rings, species selection, choosing species for purpose, IBR.
  • What to look for: feet, feathers, wings, eyes, with parents etc). Sources of birds.

Day 5

  • Health Care: cleaning, disinfectants, parasite diagnosis/treatment, worming, injuries, veterinary care, signs of sickness.
  • Condition assessment: beak shapes, talons, casts, mutes, feet.
  • The law: protected species, A10’s, registation documents, DEFRA, Wildlife & Countryside Act, captive bred & wild birds of prey.
Course summary and conclusion.

Assessment is integrated into the course; a workbook is a requirement for successful completion.

EITHER: book on to an intensive 5 day course or spread the training over 5 days of your choice at week-ends!

Each day 9:30 – 15:00

Course dates:

  • Sat 2nd March 2013 – Weds 6th March 2013
  • Sat 31st Aug – Weds 4th Sept 2013
  • Other dates available according to demand

Cost: £595 including course materials, certificate & refreshments.
Bookings confirmed upon receipt of deposit of £100, outstanding balance due on commencement of course.
For Falconers with experience we can assess and certify you individually. This is approximately 3 hours costing £75.00

Max. no participants per course = 12.
Min. no participants per course = 3. If less than 3; candidates will be offered the 5 day training over 3 weekends.

For further information or bookings please ring 01538 754784 after 6pm or at week ends or go to our Contact us page.