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Keele Community Day

50th Anniversary: 23rd June 2012

On the 23rd June, Kinglsey Bird and Falconry Centre went along to the Keele University Community Day, to honour the 50th Anniversary of the university. People from the local community were invited to go along, have some fun, explore the campus and have a taster of some of the things students were involved in at the university.

There were all sorts of things on offer, from finding buried bodies, trampolining and karate, penalty shoot outs against Stoke FC…and watching our bird display!

The Display

Members of the public were treated to a display from Jingles, the Harris Hawk. Despite being mobbed earlier in the day by the resident Jackdaws and Crows, Jingles had the opportunity in the afternoon to show off his cheeky character. Performing his usual medley of tricks, he enjoyed playing to the crowds, sitting on one man’s hat and catching meat mid-air.

Simon, one of the volunteers at the centre, also flew Quartz, the Peregrine falcon, best known soaring up to 2000 feet in the air, and attacking the lure at speeds of around 200mph. Although the weather was incredibly windy, she flew very well, impressing all of the crowd.

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